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Hamid Bakhshi



Professional Experience 

Hamid has more than 25 years of experience from the life science industry where he worked both nationally and internationally at various companies. Hamid has great knowledge of both preclinical and clinical research. Over the years, Hamid has held various leading positions at companies such as Pharmacia, Pfizer, Eli Lilly and served as CEO of an international CRO company, Parexel. Since 2010, Hamid has founded a number of different companies and has a very broad understanding and experience of running businesses in different development phases. Today, he heads the Barnik Invest Group with a focus on investments, CRO services within Life Science and helps small-sized companies to commercial success.


M. Pharm. 

BioMedical Center, Uppsala University, Uppsala/Sweden 

Post gradual courses in Biopharmacy & Pharmacokinetics as well as Biochemistry, BioMedical Center, Uppsala University, Uppsala/Sweden 

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