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Cell4Cure AB is a Swedish, a privately held cell therapy company committed to the development of treatments for the induction of immune tolerance. The company’s proprietary technology platform is based on dendritic cells mediating antigen-specific tolerance for the prevention or cure of diseases where the immune system is the enemy. The company’s first clinical study, Toler8, is focusing on inducing tolerance to FVIII thereby preventing the occurrence of FVIII inhibitors in hemophilia A patients. Cell4Cure will as a first step deliver value to patients and shareholders by advancing this program to clinical proof of concept.

Founded in 2023 by Agneta Edberg, Christina Herder, Jan Holgersson, and Barnik Invest AB.

& mission

The company envisions providing personalized cell therapies that emulate the body's natural mechanism for achieving antigen-specific tolerance. This goal is pursued through the utilization of our patented cell therapy platform designed to modulate the immune system's response when it targets our own tissues, biological drugs, or transplanted tissues.

Our innovative approach holds the promise of addressing various clinical challenges, including the development of inhibitory antibodies against biological drugs such as recombinant FVIII, managing autoimmune diseases, and mitigating transplant rejections.

By achieving antigen-specific tolerance, our company aims to revolutionize the field and contribute to advancements in the treatment of these complex medical conditions.

Meet the Management Team


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