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In Cell4Cure, we develop curative or preventive personalized cell therapies mimicking the body’s own way of achieving antigen-specific tolerance. This is done through our patented cell therapy platform that will dampen the immune system when it is reacting against our own tissue, biological drugs or transplanted tissue.

In our first clinical program, “Recre8”,  we have selected to treat Hemophilia A patients who have developed Neutralizing Antibodies (NAbs), so called “inhibitors” against factor VIII. The rationale for selecting this patient group is based on availability of: GMP-manufactured antigen (i.e. recombinant FVIII), eligible patients (i.e. known to their treating physician), validated method available to measure Nabs as well as the large unmet medical need for these patients.

Beyond this first clinical indication, we see several future uses for our technology platform:

  • to prevent occurence of neutralizing antibodies against other protein biologicals

  • to cure autoimmune diseases where the antigen is known (most likely in the orphan space)

  • to prevent transplant rejection in patients receiving grafts from live donors.



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