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Cell4Cure appoints Christina Herder as CEO

Solna, Sweden, 22 January 2024, Cell4Cure AB - A Swedish private ATMP company working with antigen-specific dendritic cell mediated tolerance, aiming for curing disease where the immune system has become the enemy - today announced that the board has appointed Christina Herder as the CEO for the newly founded company.

Christina Herder is one of the co-founders and has a long experience within biotech and ATMP and starts her position in January 2024.

Agneta Edberg, co-founder and Chairman: “We are very happy that Christina takes on the important role as the CEO of Cell4Cure. She has the perfect background and network within business development which is so important to SME companies.”

Christina Herder: “I am very proud to as a CEO for Cell4Cure take part in this mission to develop antigen specific solutions for patients where their autoimmune system has become the enemy”.

For more information, please contact;

Christina Herder, CEO

Telephone: +46 703747156



About Cell4Cure

Cell4Cure AB is a Swedish, privately held cell therapy company committed to the development of treatments for inducing of immune tolerance. The company’s proprietary technology platform is based on dendritic cells mediating antigen-specific tolerance for the prevention or cure of diseases where the immune system is the enemy.

The company’s first clinical study, Toler8, is focusing on inducing tolerance to FVIII thereby preventing the occurrence of FVIII inhibitors, i.e. neutralizing antibodies, in hemophilia A patients.

Cell4Cure will as a first step deliver value to patients and shareholders by advancing this program to clinical proof of concept.

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