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Cell4Cure presented at Biotech Showcase™ during the JP Morgan 42nd annual healthcare conference in San Francisco January 2024

Solna, Sweden, 5 February 2024, Cell4Cure AB – the Swedish private ATMP company focusing on developing novel and selective immune suppressive autologous cell-based therapies for Auto-Immune disorders using its proprietary antigen specific tolerogenic dendritic cell technology platform – today announced that their tolerogenic dendritic cell therapy for Hemophilia A (FVIII) was presented at Biotech Showcase™ during the JP Morgan 42nd Annual Healthcare Conference in San Francisco during January 2024, by its US-based collaborator RND Pharmaceuticals, through Dr Ramon Mohanlal, CEO RND Pharmaceuticals Inc.

The Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference is a hot spot for interactions between small and medium-sized enterprises and Big Pharma by connecting global industry leaders, emerging fast-growing companies, innovative technology creators and members of the investment community.

Christina Herder, CEO Cell4Cure “Cell4Cure is advancing its Tolerogenic Dendritic Cell platform in a number of clinical indications. In this approach, patients own cells are reprogrammed to create Dendritic Cells which have become tolerant against a specific antigen of interest. Hemophilia A is our starting point in developing this platform technology. In Hemophilia A, patients produce insufficient quantities of the coagulation factor FVIII, leading to an increased bleeding risk. The current standard of care for Hemophilia A is to supplement FVIII, by IV infusion with manufactured FVIII protein. Approximately 30% of the patients with severe Hemophilia A will develop neutralizing antibodies against supplemented FVIII, which makes the FVIII treatment ineffective. The Cell4Cure approach is to reprogram Dendritic cells into a tolerogenic phenotype for FVIII, and therefore the body will expectedly not produce neutralizing antibodies against supplemented FVIII.

Dr. Ramon Mohanlal, CEO RND Pharmaceuticals: “Cell-based Immunotherapies are widely adopted in therapeutic areas such as Oncology, where the focus is on enhancing the Immune system. The opposite approach of suppressing the Immune system is now being explored to treat disorders caused by an over activated Immune system, such as Auto-Immune Disorders. We are pleased to collaborate with Cell4Cure on advancing its proprietary tolerogenic Dendritic Cell technology platform in a number of clinical indications.”

For more information, please contact;

Christina Herder, CEO

Telephone: +46 703747156



About Cell4Cure

Cell4Cure AB is a Swedish, privately held cell therapy company committed to the development of treatments for inducing of immune tolerance. The company’s proprietary technology platform is based on dendritic cells mediating antigen-specific tolerance for the prevention or cure of diseases where the immune system is the enemy.

The company’s first clinical study, Toler8, is focusing on inducing tolerance to FVIII thereby preventing the occurrence of FVIII inhibitors, i.e. neutralizing antibodies, in hemophilia A patients.

Cell4Cure will as a first step deliver value to patients and shareholders by advancing this program to clinical proof of concept.

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