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Rolf Ljung

Scientific advisor


Professional Experience 

Rolf Ljung received his Medical Degree from Lund University, Sweden. His research has been in the field of coagulation, with a focus on genetic and clinical studies in haemophilia. He is currently Senior Professor/Expert of Paediatrics at Lund University, Lund, Sweden and was previously Senior Consultant in Paediatric Haematology at the Department of Paediatrics, Skåne University Hospital Malmö/Lund, Sweden. He has built up the haemophilia DNA diagnostic and research laboratory at Lund University.


Dr Ljung was until recently the Chairman since many years of the PedNet Haemophilia Research Foundation and is Chairman of the International Prophylaxis Study Group (IPSG). He is a member of the Editorial Board of Haemophilia, member of the Editorial Committee of Acta Paediatrica and has published numerous papers on haemophilia in professional journals and abstracts on the proceedings of international or national scientific congresses.

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